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new puma trainers
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Baldwin Clement 
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Dołączyła: 02 Wrz 2019
Posty: 3
Wysłany: Pon Wrz 02, 2019 4:31 am   new puma trainers

Puma First Round Color Pack Jul 16, 2008 The puma trainers latest in the Puma line-up are these two Puma First Rounds. The are part of the Puma Color Pack, and feature solid pink and grey colorways, along with 1st Round emobossed throughout the uppers.Both feature a suede construction, along with a simple white midsole. They are now available at select retailers.Puma Blaze of Glory Mexico Jul 13, 2008 We have already seen Puma bring it s A game with several Blaze of Glory releases this year, and the latest lives up to the rest. The Puma Blaze of Glory Mexico comes in two colorways, black and white, although we have not had the privelege of viewing the white version yet.

The black color scheme is featured her, and is inspired by traditional Mexican blankets which feature a variety of zig zag patterns in bright colors. No more information is known at puma shoes this time, but we ll gladly keep you guys updated. Puma x Mitsuaki Iwago x Atmos Crested Ibis Jul 11, 2008 Puma will be releasing this pair of Crested Ibis which were created by the collaboration of Puma , Mitsuaki Iwago and Atmos. They feature a feathered like puma suede side panel which was inspired from birds wings. Also each lace has Atmos A  on the tip. The release date for the shoe is July 26th and they will only be releasing and Atmos NYC and Ubiq in Philadelphia.

Puma First Round Polka Jul 6, 2008 Aside from releasing plenty of men s models and colorways, Puma is definitely trying to stay on the ladies good sides this Summer, releasing plenty of hot colorways which are sure to grab the ladies attention. Here we feature some detailed pictures of the Women s Puma First Round Polka. They feature a high fenty puma to p design, along with a predominantly red color scheme, as well as a white polka dot print across the upper. They also consist of red patent leather on the Puma logo which runs along the side panel. They are now available at select retailers including BNYC Online.

Puma Clyde Cloud L Jul 6, 2008 The latest from Puma is this pair of Puma Clydes, dubbed the Cloud L. They feature a grey and blue toned upper, which was created to resemble a dark cloud, along with black laces, a white sole, and a brown patent leather Puma logo along the side panels. The Puma Clyde is an iconic model in the Puma line-up, and it is unique designs like this one which help to carry on that high standard of quality and design. They are now available at select Puma retailers including BNYC Online.Puma Basket 2 Deer Pack Jul 5, 2008 Along with the Puma First Round w jus posted about, this Puma Basket 2 makes up the Puma Deer Pack.

The Goldie Han nickname has been given to them, and they carry the jewelry theme to a whole other level. Unfortunately, they are limited to Han Choo puma uk s store, are retail for $300. via Urb / HypeBeast.Puma x Atmos Endangered Species Collection Jun 29, 2008 We have been covering this Puma x Atmos collaboration for weeks now, and just felt the need to let you guys know that they are now available at Ubiq Walnut St, as well as online at Ubiq. The pack consists of three different Puma models, each one representing an endagere species, including the harp seal, polar bear, and maccaroni penguin. If you want to get your hands on one of these packs, you should hurry, as they are limited in quantity.
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